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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Values are a set of 'laws' that allows me to define what I want my blog, business and charity to be like.  It lets everyone understand the 'why' and to provide a background behind the decisions I make. Selecting them was one of the very first things I did as the quicker they were defined the quicker they were engrained into everything. As they grow, blogs are written, suppliers are chosen, employees are hired, products are purchased and at the core of every transaction are the values.


We know we can’t survive without food and our brains work better with a healthy diet. The aim of the business will be about education, teaching young and old about the world around them. At the outset this will be achieved by creating fun and yummy recipes that teach scientific principles. It’s all about eating and learning at the same time. So not only are we giving the nutrients our body needs but giving our brains the exercise they need also.


We are born explorers and life should be about getting out and about to learn. Whatever interests you have you should take the time to improve your understanding. Even if you are not sure you’ll enjoy or be good at it, at least try, because if you don’t then you’ll never know. There is a saying about life that says when you look back you only regret the things you didn’t do. So buy that ticket, pack that bag and get out there!


Sustainability is about defining behaviours that can be repeated indefinitely.  At a grand scale this means creating a profitable business because without it we can’t do all the other wonderful things that we plan to do. Which leads nicely onto…


SciRecipes will be so much more than just a business. Every employee, customer and supporter will belong to a community. One where you’ll be encouraged to learn and achieve your goals. We intend on putting a portion of the profits back into charities that support the education of minorities. Some of us have spent our lives being told by teachers, supervisors and managers that we can't and shouldn’t do the things we want to do and being discriminated against. We want to show that no matter who you are or what background you are from you can achieve anything you want to do.


Last but not least, the fun part. Whilst we believe in working hard we also believe in trying to have a little fun along the way. We work about a third of our lives and it can be tough to find the motivation to accomplish certain tasks, sometimes life sucks and it can get you down. A community can achieve so much more with a positive attitude and be there to support when you’re having a bad day. Rock-on can be about putting on some music and dancing around whilst you are cleaning up after baking, team-day trips out, or achieving something you never thought you could!

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