About Me

I'm Jo and I describe myself as an Earth Scientist, World Traveller, Baker Extraordinaire, Science Communicator and Budding Entrepreneur.

I studied geology at university and now choose my holiday destinations based on where the volcanoes are erupting or where the coolest fossils are to find.  In my spare time I like to bake and love making all sorts of treats for family and friends.

In 2015 I was made redundant and whilst trying to find a job I started this blog.  I also started working on an idea I had been thinking about for a few years of combining my love of science and baking.

In 2015 participated in an Elevator programme where I started to learn about setting up my own business and SciRecipes was born.  In 2018 I set up a charity called The GGR Foundation as a way of supporting more people to achieve amazing things in science.

So if you want to travel somewhere new, eat something different or learn something amazing this site will have something for you!

Read more about my plans in the blog below.

Jo Morris in Madagascar